A person can sleep any part of the day but night sleep is the most important and healthy sleep. Insufficient sleep may cause health problems and tiredness throughout the day. Sufficient sleep at night keeps the person active and ready for any hard and tough work. Analysing the importance of sleep also calls for an influence of the style or posture of sleep. Usually, people discuss good sitting and standing postures but recently the survey has declared that there are few ideal sleeping postures too. Best sleeping postures are sleeping on side or back; the; however, the survey reveals that sleeping upside down that is on the tummy is not an appreciable posture. Since there are quite a good number of people who feel comfortable in this posture, the suggestion is, at least, to find out a good mattress for their favorite position of sleep.
Questions to be answered
If the sleeper is sure to take the wrong position that is to sleep on belly then few questions should be replied to for sleep and health safety.
• Question 1: If not sleeping on the bed then which is the preferable place to sleep.
• Question 2: Since how many years habituated, to sleep on other preferred place.
• Question 3: What point drives to make the choice of a mattress?
The first question is important because it suggests the interest of the person. A person may be used to sleep on a carpet, on a couch or a recliner. If the comfort is established on the carpet, then a firm mattress at http://www.bestmattress-reviews.org/guide-to-getting-the-best-mattress-for-back-pain/ is the expected choice. This is in fact treated as the best mattress for stomach sleeper because it keeps the body in relaxed position. In a standing position, the body is straight except the two curves, which are internal curve formed near the spinal cord and the external curve near hips. This is not known as a position for relaxation. Hence, while sleeping the head should rest up so that the entire body can lay down in the same position. This is usually true for people sleeping in the normal position. If the habit is to sleep on the tummy, then a firm mattress can keep the body in comfortable position. The firm mattress offers equal weight distribution even when sleeping on tummy.
If the comfort is established on the couch, then the choice may go wrong as it matches with a too soft mattress. It does not offer weight distribution as at pressure points the mattress goes deep inside. In such cases, the head and hip portions are laid up whereas the stomach, or spinal cord portions are pushed in. This is not the good posture and not recommended for tummy sleepers. The second question is good to support the intensity of the first question. If the habit of sleeping on the carpet with the pillow is since many years, then it says that the better buy is a firm mattress; otherwise, the purchase may end up in returning the product. It supports negatively if the practice is of few days.
The ideal combination is sleeping on the firm surface for many years, and the worst combination is sleeping on a soft surface that is on the couch since many years.

Find Out the Best Choice of Mattress for Stomach Sleeper